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 Posted: Tue Sep 28th, 2010 06:46 pm
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So here are the significators, with back in context and here is the response I have from my friend, point by point to your questions...

  I did not get any instruction manuals with the set but believe one was original packed with the set as there is room in the box for the 176 page instruction booklet to fit. I have an English translation of the French original manual which was 176 pages and dated 1845. It would fit in perfectly.

The set is complete as it is identical to all the reproduction sets I have and there are 54 cards in the deck.

There are no stamp marks on any of the cards and it is possible there was one on the box as there is a remnant of something, but it may not be a stamp.

The card stock is thicker than the reprints from the 1960’s and the more recent ones. I guess it is about 1/32 of an inch. I cannot measure thicknesses that small accurately.

 The exact dimensions of the cards are 5  1/16  by 3  9/16 inches and around 1/32 of an inch thick.

I hope that this proves helpful...I personally find the absence of a tax stamp to be of curiosity...


Many thanks,



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