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 Posted: Sun Aug 29th, 2010 02:18 pm
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Ok, I am one of those members who has them all. I have the Pam A, B, C and D. And from the Pam A I have the Roses&Lilies version and the crackled back (which is very different).

They are difficult to find, very difficult. The market value differs for each one. The Pam B en C usually sell for around 400 to 600 dollars (last time I saw). But it could always be more. The Pam D is a rather poor quality copy of the Pam A and therefore is cheaper.. but still several hundred dollar.

The Pam-A is the deck that you have to pay the most for. I got mine for 600 dollars several years back, but the last few times I saw it on Ebay it sold for near 2000! The Roses&Lilies.. I couldn't give a market value to that one.. as there are only 2 known copies.. think more then 1000 at least again. Kaplan paid 8000 for his, I paid 1500 for mine (got lucky!!!)

Btw, there are more people who have one or several versions. Here on the forum are some owners as well. They dont come up very often for sale though.

I hope that give you the info you need.

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