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 Posted: Sun Jul 18th, 2010 07:23 pm
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Here's what I like about these lovers.

Usually when there's a man between two women, he stands there like a dolt.  I suppose this is why people say the card means "choice" although maybe that's just the esoteric meaning.  Anyway, this fellow is actually doing something. But what?  It's ambiguous (I love ambiguity in art).  With his gesture he seems to be saying to the brunette, "Nope, sorry, I'm with Blondie."  And the similarity in their clothing (the light blue long sleeves) seems to say, "We belong together."  On the other hand, he's matching the brunette in their reds.  The blonde gal has the lovely purple cloak and white gown and white flower circlet that seem to signify "virtue" while the brunette has a real tiara, the kind I'd like to have, probably made of real gold!  And she's got a sexy behind.

Or--is he introducing a blonde to his wife, "Honey, here's my new love, sorry."

And they're on top of a hill, the kind of hill you can't stay on for long.  Obviously they had to walk up it, and they'll walk down in some configuration.

Everyone looks a little tense.   Especially him.

My point being, when you look at the scene there's clearly some kind of drama going on. 

Meanwhile, the angel is properly blindfolded and armed, although it's not clear where the bow is, it must be there.  The angel's arms look stationary but the light semi-circular lines to its left look like movement lines--wings are beating and bowstring is vibrating.  And I love that the arrow is so prominent and follows the tradition of pointing at no one in particular.


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