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 Posted: Sat Jul 17th, 2010 08:34 am
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I have had to temporarily stop open membership. This is because one of those people actively encouraging people to scan print quality images of complete tarot decks, joined this site in order to justify themselves. When I blocked this person they re-registered using some other email address. They seem to think they have some right of full access to this site and said they would just re-register using another email address. Such people are very computer literate and will find ways around any automatic barriers, so I had no alternative to close membership to this forum. People can still join by writing direct to me, indeed I have added a number of new members since locking membership.

The internet is becoming full of rogues and unpleasant destructive people. I do not want to give them access to this forum.

All genuine tarot collectors will be be able to join this forum, but I hope to be able to filter those few destructive, self-serving individuals who ruin things for us all.

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