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 Posted: Sun Jan 31st, 2010 11:57 pm
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Kimber wrote:
missy wrote: Oh my. These are lovely!

Absolutely gorgeous.

Is the cardstock what you would call shufflable (riffle) or is this more of an art/collector's deck?

Very beautiful! :hp


Thanks, missy! :D

The cardstock is incredibly sturdy - it is playing card stock, which is why the deck is poker sized and not larger.  But I am very pleased all in all with the quality of the finished product.

It is a majors only deck, though, so unless you're using it along with another deck to clarify a reading, or doing a majors only reading, you'd probably prefer the Toscano, which is a full 78 cards.

I am squirreling aside nuggets towards a small print run, and every Taschen sold gets me a teensy bit closer to being able to print the Toscano.

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Oh my! The Toscano sounds lovely as it is true I have a preference for 78-card decks, but I WILL buy some Majors-only. Is the Toscano the same deck but with all 78 cards? I am looking but can't seem to find a thread on it.


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