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 Posted: Sun Jan 31st, 2010 01:10 pm
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rylla wrote: "
I might be novice, but how do you know which is pirated material and which is not.  Even if it says coyright, many authors allow download or personal use.

Probably all modern tarot decks designs are still in copyright, as this extends 70 years from the death of the author. So only the works created by an author who died before 1940 are no longer in copyright. This effectively means that it is likely that all modern tarot designs are protected by copyright.

If an author chooses to distribute their material freely then that is their business. They will, no doubt, have their own website and provide details of what restrictions they apply over the use of their material. However, no one else, apart from the copyright holder has the right to distribute such material. Putting someone elses material onto a file exchanging site, does not make this material free of copyright restrictions.

The main culprits as regards tarot are the torrents and file sharing sites.
There are a number of torrents containing many hundreds of full tarot deck images in printable quality. If these continue to be produced it could destroy the publishing of tarot.

If images of the tarot decks I produce were made available in this way, I would give up producing any more decks. These torrents and file sharing sites often charge downloading fees and as they are criminals, it would be unwise to trust them with your credit card details. If I continued to produce decks in the face of them being distributed openly by these criminals, I am merely putting money into their pockets.
I am not going to waste the remainder of my life supporting criminals, and having my income stolen. So I check every week or so to see if images of my decks are being made available on these sites. If they are, I will have no alternative but to give up publishing. I expect most other small publishers would do the same.

So if you are not 100% percent certain that the copyright material is being made available on a web site with the permission of the copyright holder, you should not post links to sites that give access to these images. Fair use is allowed for review and commentary, so one can post links to images on review or commentary sites. These will only include, in any case, a small subset of the cards, usually at a resolution that precludes printing.

Please remember that the Tarot Collectors Forum is a public space. The messages are indexed by Google. It is not a private communication between a few colleagues. If you post a message saying that the  Sadly_Ripped_off  Tarot can be found on or whatever, and that people can download these and print them out, this will quite quickly be indexed by Google and other search engines, so that people searching for the Sadly_Ripped_off  Tarot will find the message on the Tarot Collectors Forum, then go and download the images and print them out. 

We members of the Tarot Collectors Forum should not participate in activities that assist people to infringe the copyright of artists or publishers of Tarot, and consequently damage their income. 

Already the post on this forum, from a few days ago, that led to my concern over this issue is the fourth find in Google when you put in the name of the tarot involved. So people wanting a copy of this tarot may well find that they can download printable illegal copies through the link to this forum. This dismays me ! I have now replaced the offending postings so that people wont find the links.

I think things are quite clear on this matter. We must protect the tradition of tarot publishing. People who want to help publicise copyright infringing sites, are not welcome on this forum.

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