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 Posted: Sat Jan 30th, 2010 03:09 pm
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"I will remove people from this forum if they encourage others
to access, download or print out pirated copyright material"

I might be novice, but how do you know which is pirated material and which is not.  Even if it says coyright, many authors allow download or personal use. And they are worthwhile reading; just because it is free doesn't mean they have no value.  And it would be a pity not to read them just because it's free when they want to share with the world.

Or others allow downloading for a small fee. Those can be stolen material too. And you say they changed your name on your material (yes, VERY ugly, very upsetting). So I wouldn't know is really yours and pirated.

I understand your point of view and agree that those materials that authors don't want to share for free should not be accesses by people. And I'm being honest here I have  NO idea how to recognize if it is pirated or not. And I agree NOT to open those file (pirated ones). But those that are not and are shared on the Interned I DO want to access them.



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