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 Posted: Fri Jan 29th, 2010 12:13 pm
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In another thread on this forum someone appears  to
encourage people to access a copyright infringing web site
and download for free, copyright material,  namely,  images
of a complete tarot deck in order to print them out.

It might seem a neat idea to get everything for free or cheaply
on the Internet, but it does have consequences. It destroys
the honest work of artists and publishers.  The torrent
companies and sites such as  Scribd are making money
using the copyright material of  artists and publishers,
from advertising and download  charges, and some are making
money by offering to provide  prints of pages or cards.

If such pirated free distribution continues, then few small
publishers will be able to survive. Also the price of second hand
decks could fall if people print illegal copies and perhaps even
try and sell these as originals. This dilutes the pool of secondhand
copies and thus erodes the money that collectors have invested
in their collection.

These people are criminals. They might as well have gone into
the house of the artist or publisher and stolen a pile of their
tarot decks.

I will remove people from this forum if they encourage others
to access, download or print out pirated copyright material.

It might seem a harmless activity, but the victims are the artists,
publishers and collectors of tarot, and ultimately the health of
tarot publishing itself will suffer as few people will want to take
the risk of publishing a deck only to have it put up for free on
the Internet.

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