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 Posted: Mon Oct 5th, 2009 09:02 am
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Hi all; dunno what email you are all using, but:

Thanks for contacting me about Tarot of the Pomegranate, and your continued interest and support! I am diligently working on The Hanged Man at the moment, and am almost finished with it. It will be quite a surprise, and worthwhile wait! Yes, unfortunatley it is taking me longer to finish cards this past two years because of the baby ( pregnancy and adjusting to being a new mom is quite a journey in itself! )
I am very diligent about getting back to people who contact me about my deck, and I check my email several times a day. I am not sure who is not getting an answer from me but they may have an incorrect email address, otherwise I would have received an email.
I have not received any email from a fellow journeyer in many months, those I do get a quick response as you know. I look forward to sending everyone the latest major arcana and am aiming for December. Send me good thoughts!

(Given my own daughter who has slowed down dramatically since becoming a mum - it is DAMNED hard in this day and age...)

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